This Land Is My Land

A long term project focused on an olive groves pest called Xylella. In the deep south of Italy, the Puglia’s Salento, this killer bacteria is ravaging the olive groves and devastating the land. What is happening in the tourist renown peninsula, goes far beyond the reported crop pest. Together with the secular trees, the disease is severely endangering the whole economy, mainly based on the olive oil production and destroying a whole cultural heritage. The origin of the outbreak is not certain and the solution to stop the epidemic has not been found yet. Economic international interests over the region are triggering complicated and controversial debates, thus slowing down the actions on the ground. In a hazy scenario conjectures and suspects rise, with the despondency of the entire population. This work was done in collaboration with all the farmers, the agronomists engaged in the front line and the National Research Council, with its team of scientist working to find a viable solution to tackle the spreading of the pest.