Backstage Of A Revolution

The night of 21 November 2013 a protest erupted in Kiev as a response to a fallen-through European deal. It soon became a nationwide turmoil to oust a corrupted government with its painful relationship with Russia. People of all classes and age and gender came to Maidan to support the revolution, building a people's stronghold. What happened during the days of the revolt goes beyond the violent clashes. The outcome of the revolution, the overthrowing of the country political scenario has nothing to do with the fights or the military field victory.

The majority of those who took up arms against the government, young students, business men, workers, or even old people, were unfit to hold any fight against a regular army. The seeds of this change grew in the backstage, with the people who jointly supported the revolution on a daily basis, for months, behind the front line in many different ways. What happened in Maidan is deeply rooted in the human nature. And his faith in the future.