Before The Future Comes

Hundreds of thousands people escape their countries creating a mass movement from the Middle East to Europe. Many spots on the Balkan route became places where migrants are forced to stay for days or even weeks before being able to move on. During these obligatory layovers, people start to form instant communities, find friends from the same country or people all with the hope to reach the same destination. Everybody shares goods, information, food, or just cordiality, warmth and encouragement. Children start to play on improvised playgrounds near the bus stations, into the city parks, in the open fields. Adults set up tents, call home. In these new road-villages, with an ever changing population, daily life is suspended in an undefined place and time. The incredible diversity of people ranges from the ancient rurality of some poor Afghan migrant to the urbanity of others middle class Syrian family. From the old faithful Muslim to the modern technological young blogger, bound together by the democracy of the hard journey, everybody stuck in a limbo, waiting for the future to come.