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The "LET ME IN" project focuses on the mass migration movement of the Balkan route. It consists of a series of 80 self-portraits of an immigrant or refugee plus his/hers handwritten letter, a note left in the photographer's diary. The photos were collected in various places, Belgrade, Subotica, Horgos, Sid, Tovarnik, Berkasovo, in makeshift camps, in city parks, on the road leading to border fences, in bushes where some people was hiding, at bus or train stations. People fleeing their homeland for Europe were asked to photograph themselves with a remote control and write a letter containing either a message to the country of destination, a story of the journey, some more intimate thoughts, words from a song, a poem, a drawing.


The aim of the project is to form a body of work that represents - in both images and words - statements of individuality by people within the migration movement, in an attempt to find a way to connect with individuals in the often reported indistinct flow of the migrant crowd. Avoiding indulging in sentiments of compassion or images of misery, people photograph themselves bravely looking into the eyes of the European people and what they believe will be their future. The ultimate goal is to restore the dignity of every single human being by sharing their messages and showing their figure, promoting a better and clearer awareness of the migration crisis and its victims.  >> Here for the letters TRANSLATIONS


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