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A long-term project (originally entitled 'This Land Is My Land') focused on the olive tree pest called Xylella Fastidiosa, which is devastating olive groves and land in Salento, Puglia. What is happening on the peninsula goes far beyond the reported crop pest. Together with centuries-old trees, the disease is seriously endangering the entire economy, which is mainly based on olive oil production, and destroying an entire cultural heritage. The origin of the epidemic is not certain and the solution to stop it has not yet been found. International economic interests in the region are triggering complicated and controversial debates, thus slowing down action on the ground. In a nebulous scenario, speculation and suspicion are growing, to the dismay of the entire population. This work has been done in collaboration with all the farmers, agronomists on the front line and the National Research Council, with its team of scientists working to find a viable solution to tackle the spread of the pest.


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