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Valentina Piccinni and Jean-Marc Caimi started collaborating in 2013 for projects focused both on documentary and more personal, intimate photography. They work as freelances for the New York based agency Redux Pictures. Their features are regularly published in the press and web medias worldwide such as Time, Newsweek, The Sunday Times, Der Spiegel, Cicero, Taz, Týždeň, Internazionale, CNN, AlJazeera, and many others. The duo has published 5 books: “Rhome” (Mas/Fuam), "The Burning Plain" (ZineTonic/L'Artiere), ”Same Tense" (Witty Kiwi Books), "Daily Bread" (T&G publishing) and "Forcella" (Witty Kiwi Books) an extensive work about a mafia ridden  neighbourhood in Naples. During 2014 "Daily Bread" has been exhibited in Sweden (Vasli Souza Galleri), Japan  (Reminders Stronghold Gallery) and in Italy (Interzone Galleria). The documentary work “The Fighters Of Maidan” was exhibited in 2014 at the Vasli Souza Gallery, Malmö, Sweden, at the Lumix Festival Of Young Photojournalism in Hannover and in 2015 it received multiple HM at the NPPA Best Of Photojournalism. Their polaroid series "War Dreams", focused on the expectations of soldiers going to the Ukrainian front line, has been exhibited at the 2015 Delhi Photo Festival. The "Let Me In" project about migration was exhibited in Rome at the 2016 Fotoleggendo festival and in 2017 in Kunsthalle-Emden in Germany. In 2017 they won the Best Black & White Documentary Story at the UK Gomma Grants with the project "This Land Is My Land" which was also exhibited at the Locus Festival in Italy and,  in the same year, featured in the New Visions section of  Cortona On The Move and at the Phest international photography festival. In 2018 "Let Me In" won first prize at the Lenzburg Festival in Switzerland and was exhibited there. With a dummy book of the project "Rhome", about the city of Rome, they won the Istanbul Photobook festival that published it as a trade book. The same work was selected for the 2018 Voies Off in Arles. Their new documentary work in Istanbul was finalist at the 2018 Warsaw Photo Days. They are the recipient of the 2019 Zinetonic photobook award with a work about the densely inhabited Pozzuoli volcanic area and will be released as a book."The Sound Of Refugees" about a refugee camp at the border with Mali, was finalist at the 2018 Alfred Fried Photography Award. They are the winners of the 2019 Sony World Photography Award with "Güle Güle" in the Discovery category. With the same work they received the Special Mention both at the Kassel Dummy Award and at Premio Marco Bastianelli plus the shortlist at the LUMA Rencontres Dummy Book Award in Arles. They are the recipient of the ZineTonic Award with the work “The Burning Plain” published as a book by L'Artiere. The book "RHOME" was shortlisted at PHotoESPANA Best Photobook of the Year 2019.


> Exhibitions



GÜLE GÜLE - Sony WPO winner's exhibition - Villa Reale di Monza | Italy

THE BURNING PLAIN - L’Artiere bookshop | Arles, France

RHOME - Officine Fotografiche | Rome, Italy

GÜLE GÜLE - Sony World Photography Award Exhibition 2019 - Somerset House | London, UK

PASSAGGI | TRANSIZIONI | MICROCOSMI - f.project gallery | Bari, Italy



RHOME - Voies Off screening nights | Arles, France

RHOME - Istanbul Photobook Awards (book dummy exhibition) | Istanbul, Turkey

LET ME IN - Fotofestival Lenzburg, "Im Wandel" | Switzerland



THIS LAND IS MY LAND - Phest | Festa Internazionale della Fotografia, Italy

GALEAZZO - Nardini, Caimi & Piccinni | Interzone Gallery, Rome

THIS LAND IS MY LAND | Locus Festival, Locorotondo, Italy

LET ME IN  | Kunsthalle-Emden, Germany

THIS LAND IS MY LAND | "New Visions" Cortona On The Move, Italy



LET ME IN - FOTOLEGGENDO Festival | Banchina Roma-Ostia Lido

TIME AND TENSE - Slideluck Rome III | Officine Fotografiche, Rome

FORCELLA - FOTOGRAFIA Festival | Galleria 001, Roma

FORCELLA Book launch | Galleria Visual Instant, Napoli

WAR DREAMS + Forcella, Talk + booksigning, Laboratori Visivi, S. Lorenzo, Rome

LET ME IN Talk + exhibition | Scuola Barsanti, Pietrasanta

FORCELLA Talk + book signing | Galleria LaBottega, Marina di Pietrasanta



WAR DREAMS, Delhi Photo Festival, New Delhi

FORCELLA/Leboudoir2.0, Voies Off, Arles, FR

FORCELLA, Cascina Farsetti, Rome, IT

FORCELLA/Slideluck Bologna, Spazio Labò, Bologna, IT

DAILY BREAD, Galleria Interzone, Rome, IT



DAILY BREAD, Reminder s Photography Stronghold, Tokyo, JP

THE WARRIORS OF MAIDAN, Galleri Vasli Souza, Malmo, SE

DAILY BREAD, Galleri Vasli Souza, Malmo, SE

THE FIGHTERS OF MAIDAN, Lumix Festival of Young Photojournalism, Hannover, DE


DAILY BREAD, Entre Margens Festival,  Portugal

DAILY BREAD,  Festival Encontros da Imagem, Braga, (PT)



LIBYA AT THE CROSSROAD, Delhi Photo Festival, India Habitat Center, India

TRIPOLI CAFE’,  Photo Annual Award, Final Wall Gallery Exhibition, Prague, CH


GREEK CRISIS, Photo Annual Award,  Final Wall Gallery Exhibition,  Prague, CH


EXODUS: DISPLACED PEOPLE OF SOMALIA, Tavistock Clinic Gallery, London, UK




URBAN TILES,  Galerie Athéna, Paris, FR


TRACK 1,  Biennale di Video e Fotografia, Alessandria, IT


> Awards



Sony World Photography Award - 1st Place Discovery Category - "Güle Güle"

Kassel Dummy Award - Shortlisted -  "Güle Güle"

LUMA Rencontres Dummy Book Award, Arles - Shortlisted - "Güle Güle"

PHotoESPANA Best Photobook of the Year - Shortlisted - "RHOME"

Premio Marco Bastianelli, Special Mention - Güle Güle"

Zine Tonic Photobook Award - Winners, "The Burning Plain"



Alfred Fried Photography Award - Finalists, "The Sound Of Refugees"

Warsaw Photo Days - Finalists, "Güle Güle"

Istanbul Photobook Festival - Winners, "Rhome"

Voies Off - Official selection, "Rhome"

Lenzburg Fotofestival - Winners, "Let Me In"



Gomma Grant - Best Black & White Documentary Story  | Winner | THIS LAND IS MY LAND



Delhi Photo Festival | Finalist | WAR DREAMS

HM BOP Best  of Photojournalism | Portraits Category | Fighters of Maidan

HM BOP Best of Photojournalism | Magazine Lifestyle Story | Týždeň Magazine/Fighters of Maidan

Oskar Barnak Award | shortlisted with FORCELLA

Cortona on the move/Slideluck  Cortona | Finalist | Maidan: Backstage of a Revolution

Athens Photo Festival  | Photobook Exhibition | Forcella




LEICA PHOTOGRAPHERS AWARD |2° Place | Holy Days: the pilgrimage to Lourdes in the Era of Pope Francis

WPO | Sony World Photography Awards | Shortlisted with The Purgatory



Delhi Photo Festival | Finalist | Libya at the crossroad

Photo Annual Award | Finalist | Tripoli Café


Photo Annual Award | Finalist | Greek Crisis


Biennale di Video e Fotografia di Alessandria | 1° place


> Books

The Burning Plain | ZineTonic/L'Artiere editions

Rhome | MAS/Fuam publishing

Forcella | Witty Kiwi Books

Daily Bread | T&G Publishing

Same Tense | Witty Kiwi Books

Mono Vol. 2 | Gomma Books

Raw: the making of  Daily Bread | Interzone Editions

Hungry Still | Akina Books