MASA/FUAM editions

500 copies - trade book

Hard Cover 148 pages

Black and white duotone pictures

Munken Pure paper

17,5 X 23 cm

Foreword: David Campany

Recipient of the FUAM dummy book award


RHOME is a journey through the multiple microcosms of Rome, our city of adoption. Far from a stereotyped and tourist-friendly image, the book focuses on the most intimate and surprising side of the city. People, places and situations, forming a dense connective tissue, a mycelium of existences.

Rhome is the second chapter of the "Cities Series" (after Naples, with the book "Forcella")




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Witty Kiwi Books


Limited edition of 200 trade book

Hand numbered | soft-cover | 132 pages

Black and white pictures

16 X 24 cm


A personal, intimate account of the oldest neighbourhoods of Naples, places maintaining a timeless identity, frozen in a undefined era that holds the breath from postwar to the Eighties. Documenting a human primordial soup, contradictory, dangerous, strong, beautiful and repulsive at the same time. A unique microcosms, a world apart capable to trap you forever or to set you free.

Places where poverty is the queen and Camorra the king.






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GALEAZZO Interzone Books Nardini, Caimi & Piccinni 86 Pages | size 15 x 23 cm | soft cover 150gsm paper | Color and black & white € 20 + + A book from an exhibition, to discover an unconventional artist and unique human being, Galeazzo Nardini, passed in 2016, who shook the art scene in the '70s. A dialogue of references between new photographs and original works, through the authorial approach of Jean-Marc Caimi and Valentina Piccinni, photographing his home, left intact, as if he were still there. Through his places, people, found pictures and contact sheets, plus an incredible artistic production, from painting canvases up to scraps of paper with notes, ideas and considerations. A book poised between past and future, between documentation and interpretation of a lifetime.


Self published dummy book



Limited edition of 30

hand made and hand numbered

soft-cover Xerox printed | raw surface acid free paper

90 pages 16 X 24 cm


An handmade spiral-bind booklet featuring a different layout and photographs sequence from the trade book "Forcella".  Several unseen pictures have been included in the photographer's selection. Inspired by the first dummy book of the project.





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Witty Kiwi Books


Limited edition of 50 Indigo print trade book

hand numbered

Cover on Splendorgel extra white 230gr

112 pages

15 cm X 21 cm


"Same Tense" is the first instalment of a long term personal project of photographers Caimi and Piccinni. It consists of a selection of raw and unfiltered analogue black and white photographs documenting daily life, nature, sex, strangers, family members or friends. It is entirely made with point and shoot cameras with an instinctive non-rational approach.




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Self published dummy book




Edition of 30 numbered copies

Spiral-bound softcover | 114 pages

More than 100 b/w hi-quality Xerox printed photographs

Fabriano white 160g paper | 150 x 210 mm


A personal account of the city of Tokyo. From depicting the daily life in the parks and in the street, to the night life in Shinjuku, bringing the intimacy of people in search of their vital space. Hints of a nation suffering from an economic and social stagnation, scared by what the future might bring, struck by environmental catastrophes.

A city surprisingly fragile and vulnerable.


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€ 30 + +


T&G Publishing



72 b&w photographs duotone printed

112 p. Hardcover trade book


These pictures represent a rite of passage through my own existence. Sex, food, nature, animals, things known and unknown which make me feel sometimes comfortable or unsafe, I always sense an excess of energy, a spill that makes everything unstable, pulsating, restless. A palpitation, that could be subtle or violent, which I want to photograph. There are no dots to connect. I am no more giving a sense to things.

I hold to hear their murmur, instead.



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€ 30 + +


Contact sheets booklet



34 contact sheet reproductions

170 b/w 35x24mm photographs

40 x 280 mm

limited edition of 30

Hand made


A handpicked selection from the contact sheets of the work "Forcella" was scanned and printed on hi-quality semi matte paper. Each page of the booklet contains one strip of contacts.


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MONO vol 2

Gomma Books


various artists

256 pages

size 24 x 30 cm

Cloth cover with silver hotstamped titles

Premium art paper 170gsm - Fedrigoni Garda.

Duotone printing.

Sewn binding.


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