Death Metal

The consequences of the ILVA factory deadly pollution.

The factory of ILVA in Taranto is a 12.000 employees steel factory. In 2013 a police investigation discovered that the factory has been polluting, with dioxin and several others carcinogenic chemicals, the town of Taranto for decades. The effects over the population are a dramatic boosts of cancer cases. In the neighbourhood of Tamburi, which lies just beneath the smokestack, every single family is grieving at least one death for cancer. Cars, buildings, side-walks, gardens, are all covered by a thin red dust and small coal rubbles. PM10 and benzopyrene lethal fine dust overfill the air. The economy of the city is swept away by the presence of the huge steel factory. Fishermen have no job and farmers find their livestock contaminated and dangerous. Tourism in the beautiful bay of Taranto is dispersed and the municipality is in bankrupt. What will be the future of Taranto lies in the hands of the magistracy, the government and the determination of its citizens in closing the factory down.