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selected exhibitions

Rhome - Officine Fotografiche, Rome

Curated by Lorenzo Castore

Fine art prints: Davide Di Gianni

The large spaces of Officine Fotografiche comprise a training centre for photographers, an image-focused workshop space and a large gallery for exhibitions and events. Rhome was presented through an extensive series of black and white fine art prints in diverse formats, accompanied by a series of posters sourced from a vintage city tourist guide from the '40s.

Rhome is one of the chapters of an ongoing project within a series of personal photographic accounts of cities undergoing dynamic metamorphosis.

Güle Güle - Biennale für aktuelle Fotografie, Mannheim

Curated by David Campany

Fine art prints: Frank Berger (Humme Leipzig)

Included in the rich Biennale program of "When Images Collide", and set in the gallery spaces of the Wilhelm Hack Museum, Güle Güle focuses on modern Turkey and its sociopolitical mutations. The work is one of the chapters of an ongoing project about cities experiencing a quick socio-political metamorphosis.

Umana Natura - Laboratorio di cultura fotografica Il Forno, Città Della Pieve

Curated by Caimi & Piccinni and Attilio Maria Navarra

Fine art prints: Davide Di Gianni

Conceived as a result of a commission by the photographic gallery "Il Forno" and set up in the historical gallery spaces recently renovated, the project delves into the landscapes of Umbria, Italy. Shot over a span of six months using analog black and white, the exhibition showcases the intricate interplay between the region's inhabitants and its awe-inspiring natural surroundings, as Umbria has notably one of Europe's most significant biodiversities.

Fastidiosa (This Land Is My Land) - Sì Fest, Savignano Sul Rubicone

Curated by Caimi & Piccinni and Denis Curti

Fine art prints: Si Fest

As a recipient of the Reset grant, the 'This Land Is My Land' project was presented in various set-ups at prominent festivals across Italy. The inaugural event took place at the comprehensive Si Fest exhibition, which served as the first segment of this itinerant presentation. The exhibition showcased many facets of our wider work, focusing on the ongoing threat of the Xylella pest. This destructive plant pandemic has caused severe damage to Puglia's olive trees, landscape and cultural heritage.

The Fighters of Maidan - Ultra//Clash, Prato

Curated by Sedici Associazione Fotografica

Fine art prints: Sedici - Photos of the installation Martina Melchionno.

Uniting several artists under the theme of "Clash," the Ultra exhibition in Prato, Italy, showcased the project titled "The Fighters Of Maidan." Conceived in 2014 during the popular uprising against the Kremlin-controlled president Yanukovich, this portraiture documentary work centers on the oridnary people who courageously took up arms and positioned themselves on the forefront of the revolution in Kyiv.






Présence / Absence - Interzone, Rome

Curated by Caimi&Piccinni and Michele Corleone

Fine art prints: Luce - Matteo Alessandri

An intimate exhibition within a distinguished private gallery in Rome, celebrated for its commitment to fine art photography. The exhibition showcases our Normandy project, entirely captured using analog film and Super8. This travel diary seamlessly weaves together experiences amid the natural landscapes and chance interactions with individuals who welcomed us into their private lives and personal spheres.





The Sound Of Dunes - Spazio Musa, Turin

Curated by Caimi&Piccinni and A.I.A.C.E.

Fine art prints: Davide Di Gianni

Within the recently restored historical spaces of Musa Gallery, nestled in the heart of Turin's "quadrilatero," a dynamic rotation of exhibitions takes place, spanning the realms of photography, design, and contemporary art. Our exploration of the musical scene that emerged within the vast 'Mberra refugee camp, home to 50,000 people in Mauritania, was presented through the interplay of large-format prints and aluminum mounted fine art photographs.




Güle Güle - Fotografia Europea / XVIII, Reggio Emilia

Curated by Caimi&Piccinni and Walter Guadagnini

Fine art prints: Fotografia Europea

Hosted at Palazzo Magnani, the Güle Güle exhibition is an integral part of Fotografia Europea XVIII, which explores the theme 'Europe Matters', curated by Tim Clark and Walter Guadagnini. The exhibition includes a mix of large format fine art prints and smaller framed formats. The set-up is complemented by a collection of installative panels printed on PVC.




Fastidiosa - Fotodoks, Munich

Curated by Caimi&Piccinni and Fotodoks

Blueback prints: Fotodoks

The contemporary documentary photography festival taking place in Munich, Germany, is entitled "Future Perfect." It brings together photographic projects from 13 international artists and collectives addressing the present realities and repercussions of climate change. Fastidiosa was showcased through a collection of large format blueback posters, accentuating the core theme of the project – the xylella plant pandemic causing devastating effects on the southern regions of Italy, impacting both the economy and cultural heritage of the area. The unassuming arrangement was purposefully designed to amplify the message, reminiscent of city wall posters.




Umana Natura - Revela't, Barcelona

Curated by Caimi&Piccinni and Ana Gallart

Fine art prints: Impressionart

One of the select festivals dedicated to analog photography, held in Vilassar, Barcelona, Spain, brings together a roster of international artists under a unique theme.

Our awarded project, Umana Natura, found its display at the Cal Garbat venue, featuring an arrangement of fine art prints, a black wall with large scale prints, and a video installation. Umana Natura explores the realm of uncomplicated existences, both human and within the natural environment, capturing these microcosms as a tool to cultivate awareness about an alternative approach to growth and development. This paves the way for contemplation on fresh perspectives for shaping the future.


En Présence De L'absence - Planches Contact, Deauville

Curated by Laura Serani

Installation prints: Initial Labo

As recipients of the Planches Contact residency grant, we embarked on a mission to document the Normandy region through a personal journal. Our operational hub was a flat in Caen, which served as the launchpad for a 6000Km journey crisscrossing the area. Our documentation was exclusively captured on film and Super8, and all development and printing took place on-site using a portable darkroom. The project seamlessly weaves together natural landscapes with the intimacy of homes, incorporating portraiture and intricate details to construct an inspiring narrative that led us to a deeper understanding of our connection with Normandy and its people.