The Fighters Of Maidan

Several thousands of common people, gathered from all Ukraine, turned fighters for the "Maidan Revolution" in Kiev. Grabbing a wooden stick or a baseball bat, a helmet, a balaclava and borrowed all kind of military outfit available, to get ready to fight against the government police forces. People belonging to all social classes, age and gender: students, labourers, businessmen, ex-soldiers of the Afghanistan war, bodyguards even very young girls. The majority of those who took up arms against the government were unfit to hold any fight against a regular army, counting just on the hasty training given on the battlefield. What drove the revolution was the determination to change the current situation, ousting the corrupted government with its painful relationship with Russia, in a dramatic move from a stagnating past aimed to build a possible future. These portraits were made during the days of the clashes in the battlefield frontline area in Kiev.