Special prints edition of 9 subjects in #15 limited edition 30x40cm reproductions. Photographs from the book FORCELLA [Witty Kiwi Books] in Xerox DocuColor high output printing, on Fabriano 200g archival quality acid free paper and signed by the authors. Superb quality reproduction file-to-print from the original scans at an affordable price.



Forcella is stabbed into the deepest guts of Naples. It's the oldest and small neighbourhood of the city, known as the home to the most violent and fierce mafia gangs. In Forcella time is suspended, frozen in a undefined era that holds the breath from postwar to the Eighties; modernity and globalisation didn’t make their way through the daily life of common peolple. Forgotten by the institutions, abandoned to the casualness, cursed forever by the 1980's earthquake, Focella is also a place where citizens follow ancient rites of friendship and politeness. Forcella seems like the archetype of the whole city of Naples.

We started from this area to continue our exploration to other districts we felt had a similar atmosphere, like the Quartieri Spagnoli, Sanità, and the city beaches of the Caracciolo broad walk.

Places where poverty is the queen and camorra the king.

Prints are made on Fabriano Italian smooth textured acid free paper